Penthouse Xmas Party

By Rob Last edited 168 months ago
Penthouse Xmas Party

Christmas is a holiday of two halves. One half is sat in front of the telly, eating the leftover Quality Streets and playing Trivial Pursuit with your gran. The other half is regretful office parties, drinking all the spirits under the sink you wouldn't normally touch, and 'saucy' xmas presents (you didn't buy her edible panties again this year did you?)

It's this latter half that Madame Jo Jo's are catering for tonight with their Xmas Sextravaganza party (courtesy of Penthouse).

As well as guest DJ Andy 'Blue Savannah' Bell and the white trash antics of Ten Seconds With My Dad (pictured) there's also the scarily prolific X Lover and the promise of Penthouse goodie bags (the perfect present for Dads everywhere this Christmas).

And if that's all too tame for you, there's also live shows by the Quick Shot Kittens and the Peekabou Pleasure Squad. We don't know who they are exactly, but we can form a pretty good idea.

The Sextravanganza starts at 10.00 tonight, and it's £5 on the door (£4 with a flyer).

Last Updated 16 December 2004