Nigella On Greed

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Nigella On Greed

Remember when it was announced that Kirstie Allsop would be doing guided tours of the Tate Gallery, and we said, "What next? Nigella Lawson presents the Christmas Lectures?"

Well we were nearly right. Because tomorrow night you can find Nigella at Somerset House, as a guest of the Royal Society of Literature.

Nigella will be in conversation with Frederic Raphael (a "novelist, biographer, playwright and polymath" but best known for writing the screenplay to Eyes Wide Shut), talking about "the greed she claims inspires all her writing, about why she feels food is about so much more than cooking and about why cooking and literature are really rather alike."

Maybe next year we can expect to see Nigella on Newsnight Review, tussling with Kirsty Walk.

And when we say "tussling", we mean verbal sparring obviously. There's no way BBC2 are going to televise Nigella Lawson and Kirsty Walk physically wrestling with each other... matter how many letters we write.

Anyway, as we were saying, you can see Nigella from 7pm tomorrow. Tickets are £5 and you can get them via 020 7845 4676.

Last Updated 01 December 2004