M&S Man Creche

By Rob Last edited 169 months ago
M&S Man Creche

A branch of Marks and Spencers in London is one of six in the country to install a 'man creche': a special area for men to "chill out and relax" while their partners try clothes on.

Some would say that this is a cynical (possibly even sexist?) way of dragging customers into a chain which has been struggling financially for years now. However, an M&S spokesperson sees it differently, calling it "a fun way to give something back".

The man creches are equipped with sterotypical bloke pursuits such as Scalextric and remote control bikes. There are also TVs showing Monty Python and "classic football matches".

Londonist wouldn't be surprised if M&S had also decided to install lifesize cardboard cutouts of Jeremy Clarkson oglign a picture of Kelly Brooke in a copy of Loaded, but they seem to have stopped short of that.

We're not sure which branch of M&S our creche is in, but we're guessing it's either the Oxford Street or Covent Garden branch. If you know, or if you've experienced the delights of a man creche, please let us know in the comments.

Last Updated 09 December 2004