Mothers 4 Justice?

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Mothers 4 Justice?

2004 has been the year of superhero dads chaining themselves to various things. Could 2005 be the year of the aggreived mums?

If so, then Janice Crowley could be the first of many. She chained herself to the railings outside the Courts of Justice today in protest against the Child Support Agency's handling of her ex-husband's upkeep payments.

And, of course, she was dressed in a costume. In this instance it was Mother Christmas (although, if Londonist is being brutally honest, we don't really think she has the legs for it).

However, if other mothers are to take up the baton and give Fathers4Justice a run for their money next year they might have to do their homework when it comes to female superheroes.

There's Wonderwoman...and,erm, Wonderwoman. Ok, let's check the Wikipedia list of female superheroes for help.

Let's see: Batgirl (too close to Batman maybe?), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (no easily identifiable costume), Elektra (bit obscure that one), Halle the Hooters Girl (could be seen as sexist that one), and of course She-Hulk (unweildy costume?).

Hmm might be tricky. Maybe Mothers4Justice could take a different tack. Disney characters maybe?

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Good one! Love your sense of humour. Happy New Year, guys!

Laurie Dimmock

I am a mother of 4 children, 3 reside with my parents on a voluntary section 20 and 1 that lives with my husband and I.
I am fighting my parents through the courts to get my children returned to my care. I have got to stay positive although I know already that my parents have won the case hands down. As when I had my children, my family were saying that they were supporting me, but all the time they were writting letters and calling my local social services department.
Now the social services (that have never worked with me, I have proof) are supporting my parents for a residence order, they are paying my parents leagal and court fee's, but will not even give me the travel fare so that i can get to court.
I have been in stage 1 & 2 of the complaints proceedure against social services. I have written to all UK Mp's and some police departments.
I am going to keep fighting so you will be seeing my name again in the future.
Everyone must keep strong whatever situation they maybe facing.

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