London: The Smell

By Rob Last edited 171 months ago
London: The Smell

Londonist went to the cinema over the weekend to see Garden State (which was very good we thought).

During the pre-film adverts up popped this advert for Paul Smith's new 'fragrance': London.

The advert is apparently intended to "evoke the nostalgic 60s side of London...swinging, edgy, daring, yet colourful and oozing with energyā€¯, so we get some hazy abstract shots of the Albert Bridge and the Windmill theatre in Soho.

But what does it smell like exactly? Well the PR blub says "elegantly lush with exotic twists of the unexpected", which means absolutely nothing to us. And unfortunately, until we're able to track down a bottle, we can't tell you what 'London' really smells like...But if we had to guess we'd say: a hint of Thames water, infused with elements of mini-cab air freshener, alongside delicate hints of exhaust fume.

Last Updated 13 December 2004