Live By The Book, Die By The Book

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Live By The Book, Die By The Book

Yesterday was day three of Capital FM's 'Live by the Book' torture regime, whereby two members of the public are placed in Perspex boxes in Covent Garden and are given daily tasks by Johnny Vaughan.

And the news from yesterday is: Jess has eaten some donuts. Danny has got a games console.

Londonist's predictions for the rest of the week promise some exciting developments:


Danny begins to crack and uses his phone to call in a bomb threat to Capital FM's offices. Meanwhile Territorial Army private Jess 'goes native' and orders a range of high-powered automatic weapons over the internet.


Danny has begun to smear his own excrement on the walls of his box, while Jess is huddled in a corner, fashioning booby traps from old pizza boxes.


A survey reveals that Jess and Danny are the only two people left in the country who listen to Johnny Vaughan's programme.


The competition is abandoned as Danny's mental health is deemed too fragile and Jess disappears into the warren of streets surrounding Covent Garden. She is last seen skinning a dead rat in the staff smoking room of Books etc.

Last Updated 09 December 2004