Jesus On A Lorry - Courtesy Of The Sun

By Rob Last edited 167 months ago
Jesus On A Lorry - Courtesy Of The Sun

So did anyone see the Sun's nativity float around Traflagar Square and Westminster today?

The "tableau recounting the story of the birth of Christ...mounted on the back of a lorry" is part of the paper's ongoing Save Our Christmas campaign, designed to "hit back at politically correct meanies" who feel the nativity is upsetting to non-Christians.

According to rhe Sun the float "bought [sic] seasonal joy to hundreds of Christmas shoppers and tourists across London", so someone must have seen it. If so, did you have the same reaction as delivery driver Paul Stevens, 32, from Romford, Essex:

“Thanks to The Sun for keeping the season of goodwill alive. Thank goodness somebody has still got the guts to celebrate Christmas in public."

On a sidenote: Isn't it weird how the people who talk to the Sun always speak in that strange, stunted way which makes them sound like city gents from the Forties?

Last Updated 13 December 2004