Future Film News

By Rob Last edited 235 months ago

Last Updated 31 December 2004

Future Film News

A very quick Friday Film post before we go out to an overly-crowded pub and drink over-priced drink until midnight chimes.

It's Future Film news because these are the films we're really looking forward to in the new year. We've provided links to sites/trailers where available so you can get excited too.

Ocean's 12. Our obsession with heist films makes us slightly biased but we really enjoyed Ocean's 11 and there's no reason to believe the sequel isn't going to live up all expectations. Just pray that Don Cheadle's 'cockney' accent is better this time round. View trailer here.

Batman Begins. The latest in a long line of comic adaptrocities (do you like that word, we just made it up?), or the greatest film of 2005? We're keeping our fingers crossed. View trailer here.

The Life Aquatic. Rushmore was a work of genius but Tenenbaums didn't hit the spot for us. Can Wes Anderson do the business with Bill Murray once again or will it take his vision just one step too far? View trailer here.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Whether it's as good as the 1971 version or not this is almost guaranteed to be another Burton/Depp collaboration that works. We're just dying to see what the oompa loompas look like. View trailer here.

Meet the Fockers. With Meet The Parents, Zoolander and Dodgeball Ben Stiller has shown that he can make really great comedies (and the odd crap one) but this is his first sequel. Can he improve? We reckon he can. View trailer here.

War of the Worlds. We haven't forgiven Spielberg for A.I. yet but this might be film to finally wash the stain of that turkey from our hands. Is Tom Cruise hero enough though? View trailer here.

But what about Revenge of the Sith? We'll get excited about that once we see a proper trailer...there's a lot of work to do there. Fantastic Four? Maybe...maybe not. Harry Potter? Give us a break.

Feel free to suggest your own choices in the comments. Happy New Year and see you on Tuesday 4 Jan.