Friday Film News (kind of)

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Friday Film News (kind of)

No time for a fully-fledged Friday Film News this week, as it's the Londonist Office Xmas Party this afternoon, so we're just going to skip right to the interesting film tidbits section:

Following on from last week's teaser trailer, there's now a preview of the War of the Worlds teaser poster online.

Is it just us or does it remind you of the poster for The Life of Brian?

Somehow we don't think that was the effect Speilberg was aiming for.

Meanwhile in 'excruciatingly embarrassing and doomed to failure remake news' this week: Nic Cage seems set to take the starring role in the Hollywood remake of Park Chan-wook's Oldboy.

Will they keep the infamous live-octopus-eating scene? We doubt it.

We like Bruce Willis here at Londonist. It's nothing to be ashamed of. We're not stupid enough to go and see The Whole Nine Yards or anything like that, but Die Hard stays stubbornly in our Top 20 list and we reckon he could have Tom Cruise in a fight any day.

So we're glad to see that he's all set to return to familiar territory in Hostage, in which he plays "a former LAPD SWAT hostage negotiator turned small-town sheriff who finds himself unwillingly drawn back into his old career when robbers take a local family hostage."

This could only get better if Alan Rickman was in it.

In slightly more British film news: the director of the His Dark Materials adaptation, Chris Weitz, has resigned from the project, saying "At this point in my life I am not the right director to bring it to pass."

This, only weeks after God sensationally refused to appear in the film (ok, so references to the Big Man were removed by the studio).

And in London news, we are pleased to say that one of our Londonist spies was at Claridges Hotel yesterday to witness the star-studded fire drill. If you haven't seen the news today the Oceans 12 press conference attended by Matt Damon and Brad Pitt was interrupted by a small fire from Gordon Ramsay's kitchens.

According to our 'reporter at the scene' Brad was stood outside on the pavement gazing at the smoke while puffing away on an absolutely massive cigar...And he looked just as good in real life as he does on screen apparently (yeah yeah).

And finally, as a little Christmas treat, here's a link to the latest 'Recreated By Bunnies in 30 Seconds' film. And for the yuletide season they've given us It's A Wonderful Life. Genius.

Last Updated 17 December 2004