Broke Payne Cats Gain

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Broke Payne Cats Gain

Streatham is known for a lot of things...we just can't think any of them right now. But in the late Seventies it was known best as the home of Cynthia Payne and her 'celebrity brothel'.

Cynthia (who, very helpfully, managed to incorpoate the word 'sin'into her first name) spent six months banged up for running the prettiest little whore house in the South and went on to become a bit of a media darling in the subsequent years.

Now though it looks like most of the cash she made from her 'scandalous celebrity sex secrets' may have run out, and she's been forced to auction off some of her bordello memoribilia. Kind of like Ann Summers goes to Christies.

Some of the items that Cynthia has decided to flog are a French maid's outfit "famously worn by a moustached middle-aged male client" as well as some photographs, newspaper clippings and a mink fur coat.

It's all available as one single lot at the 'famous' Rosebery's auction house in south London. And all proceeds (estimated to be a whopping £300) will go to the favourite charity of slightly deranged elderly women in South London: the Streatham Cat Rescue (cue lots of 'pussy charity' jokes in the tabloids).

Other things Cynthia Payne is famous for? Her name is Cockney rhyming slang for rain of course.

Last Updated 16 December 2004