Blogging Is Bad For You

By Rob Last edited 169 months ago
Blogging Is Bad For You

Londonist is seriously worried about its health. According to reports in today's papers we are going to end up childless and miserable...and all because of this blog!

The first story details research from the State University of New York at Stonybrook which suggests that using a laptop computer literally (i.e. on your lap) may lead to a damaged sperm count:


"The heat generated by the computers and the position of the thighs needed to balance the machines leads to higher temperatures around men's genitals...[this] might damage their sperm count, men now have to absorb the news that laptops can similarly threaten their fertility."

Now, Londonist doesn’t often balance it's laptop on its thighs (we use a table or other flat surface like everyone else) but sometimes, say if we're on the sofa watching the local news for inspiration, we might...and that brings us to the second story.

Apparently, a study out of Nottingham Trent University has suggested that,

"Watching an average day's events from around the world in a short time triggers depression, confusion, irritation, anger and anxiety."

Oh that's just great. So if we're watching the news and typing away at the same time, we're systematicaly damaging ourselves both physically and mentally? Think of all those bloggers who covered the 2004 US Election. Up all night, a feverish iBook warming their groin region, watching Bush being elected for another four's a wonder they're still alive.

Last Updated 09 December 2004