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Londonist was interested to read Simon Hoggart's 'diary' piece in this Saturday's Guardian which gave an interesting insight into the world of London cyclists.

Reacting to Turner Prize winner, Jeremy Deller's dedication 'to everyone who cycles in London" last week, Hoggart felt the need to redress the balance in favour of "all the pedestrians maimed or nearly killed" by London bike riders.

Who can he mean?

"I mean the hooligans who look as if they are just on their way to a sink estate with another batch of crack cocaine which has to be urgently delivered if they're not to get a serious kicking from the dealers."

Hoggart seems to know a surprising amount about London's underground crack delivery services. Is he an ex-junky we wonder? Or has he worked undercover for the Guardian in the past, bravely exposing the turgid activities taking place inside the capital's "sink estates"?

Or is he just a bit pissed off because someone on a bike called him "a fucking twat" outside Waterloo station?

Londonist is intrigued by the Class A delivery service though. Do you get your skag for free if they take longer than half an hour? And has anyone told Pete Doherty?

Last Updated 13 December 2004