Will's Twin Charged Over Girly Fight

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Will's Twin Charged Over Girly Fight

Will Young's twin brother, Rupert (stop giggling at the back there) has been given a conditional discharge after admitting to a charge of actual bodily harm.

Rupert was arrested back in May this year after "screaming and shouting" at an Iraqi chef in the middle of the street in central London.

According to witnesses the fight wasn't exactly Bruce Lee....more Janet Leigh:

"During an ensuing tussle, both [Rupert] and the Iraqi Kurd grabbed each other's clothes, before 'pushing and pulling' their way across a three-lane road in central London.

"They were also attempting to throw punches, but nothing appears to have landed."

The jury remained undecided as to whether shouts of "oooh you bitch" and "I'll scratch your bloody eyes out" were uttered by the defendant or not.

Last Updated 16 November 2004

Tom Coates

Oh yeah I see what you did there. Gay jokes. Very classy.


Yeah Tom, that's exactly what we were doing - we assumed that because his brother's gay he must be gay too and decided to take the mick out of his presumed sexuality.

And, while we were at it we thought we might as well mention the guy was an Iraqi and introduce some racism in there too.

Get a grip Tom. We were poking fun at the fact that they were fighting like a couple of schoolgirls...handbags at ten paces etc. The only reason the picture of Will is there is because it's difficult to find a picture of his brother.


Since when do schoolgirls shout 'Oooh You bitch' at each other? Get a grip guy's the underlying reference is plain to see and your response to Tom is appalling. If you're going to make the insinuation at least have the balls to defend it rather than making some lame excuse.


Obviously you have every right to find 'underlying meanings' or backhanded 'insinuations' within what is written here, but the writer is comfortable with the intended meaning of the post.


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