When Traffic Wardens Attack

By Rob Last edited 179 months ago
When Traffic Wardens Attack

Londonist came across this little story while browsing around Warren Ellis's Die Puny Humans blog this morning.

Warren pointed us in the direction of Mark Eris' Live Journal where Mark recounts the story of a traffic accident outside his office, under the heading "It`s all kicking off here".

"Someone's just run a traffic warden over outside my office. Amazingly, 5 minutes later the car returned to the spot it started from and the driver got out, at which point what appeared to be every Traffic Warden in Islington descended on him and started beating the living spit out of him.

So if anyone out there has been thinking of a spot of dodgy parking in Islington - as long as you`re not planning to do it outside the Innovation Centre on Whiskin Street, nows probably a really good time to have a go is what I`m saying."

A lesson for us all there we think.

Last Updated 25 November 2004