What Karen Did Next

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What Karen Did Next

So we've all seen the stories that Ewan McGregor's going to play Sky Masterson in the Michael Grandage's upcoming production of Guys and Dolls at the Donmar.

And we all know that the theatre companies have to pull in big Hollywood names these days to try and get bums on seats and coppers in coffers.


But, if we're honest, we might admit to being a bit celebritied out...a bit jaded by all the Madonnas and the Spaceys and their claims of greatness.

Well, Londonist asks you not to give up quite yet because it seems the evil luvvie geniuses have been saving up a true megastar. Someone who should be able to save the fortunes of the West End singlehandedly. Someone who will have men and women alike flocking to the box offices.

Someone, ladies and gentlemen, with a really squeeky voice and one of the most famous bosoms on television: Megan Mullally.

According to Playbill, Mullally "wants to do" the play but "scheduling conflicts need to be resolved before that can happen". They also report a rumour that Kevin Kline might be up for the role of Nathan Detroit.

Now, there's no way Londonist is going to admit to having a crush on a cast member of Will & Grace, but we will say that we think she's a terrific actor with a fantastic body of work behind her.

Here for your research purposes are some Mullally appreciation sites (that we had to look up using Google obviously):

Megan's official site.

Megan Mullally Forever.

The Divine Ms M.

A bit of a creepy one.

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