Walk This Way

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Walk This Way

We're always a bit wary of anything which uses the word "intervention" to describe itself. And if the 'intervention' in question is intervening around East London, that only serves to make us even more suspicious.

The latest of these is Walk an "intervention into public space", whereby a modified shopping trolley has been used to paint a line, approximately 1.8km long around the area of Spitalfields.

The line connects a series of "frames", stencilled blocks of text which contain quotes, historical facts on the surrounding area and "personal associations".

There are also several "public voice boxes" along the route which inform the reader that over 45 languages are spoken in the area, and invite them to write something on the box in their own language.

It sounds like a good idea, but we can't get away from the fact that there's still an element of Hoxton-toss surrounding the whole thing. Why can't someone do something similar in, say, Brixton or Charlton...but without the knobiness?

Last Updated 29 November 2004