Two Thousand Years of London Bridge

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Two Thousand Years of London Bridge

Peter Lennard is the founder of The London Bridge Museum and Educational Trust, an organisation whose aim is to create "a dedicated Museum as a worthy tribute to the world's most famous bridge."

(And if you're thinking 'hang on, where are they going to put it' well the answer is under the bridge itself obviously, or more precisely "in the large southern abutment space where there still remain the substantial walls of the Sir John Rennie Bridge".)

So all this experience would make Pete the pefect bloke to present Two Thousand Years of London Bridge - the "fascinating story of all the bridges that have been London Bridge through the last two thousand years" which will take place at 1pm at Gresham College in Holborn, on Wednesday.

Londonist might have to attend, especially as we had no idea that the nineteenth century version of the bridge is now in Arizona. (Although we will admit to being geeky enough to know what the nursery rhyme is about).

Last Updated 09 November 2004