The Hideout

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The Hideout


If you need a break from all that US election coverage (or you just feel like diverting your thoughts away from the fact that GWB might have actually won again) then let us present you with some mindless consumerism news.

The Hideout on Upper James Street is one of Londonist's guilty pleasures. Opened in 1999 as Hit and Run by Michael Kopelman and Fraser Cooke, the shop is a tiny enclave of Japanese clothing brands and a mecca for trainer fetishits across the city.

In the past few months, Hideout has undergone a bit of a refurbishment, and that's all the excuse the style-obsessed people at need to go and interview the current manager Richard Airey on such subjects as London's undiscovered labels and "futuristic fabrics" including the "latest fasteners" and "waterproofing techniques".

Election? What election?

Last Updated 03 November 2004