The Evil World Of Maurice Saatchi

By Rob Last edited 170 months ago
The Evil World Of Maurice Saatchi

At what age do you think Maurice Saatchi sold his soul to the devil?

After all this is a man who, not content with being the mastermind behind of one of the country's largest advertising agencies, decided that he'd take on the joint-chairmanship of the Conservative Party.

It's like he sat down one night and made an evil 'to do' list. In fact Londonist wouldn't be surprised to see Maurice on the streets of the city rounding up little children with a large net.

But, before things get to that stage, you can always buy a ticket to tonight's Orange Word event at which Maurice talks to Peter Florence.

We're not sure what exactly he's going to talk about, but it will more than likely be evil stuff like torturing furry animals and not being at all bitter that his brother got to have Nigella Lawson while he got stuck with that gothy looking woman who wrote Damage.

Last Updated 10 November 2004