Stars And Their Homes

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Stars And Their Homes

sven.gifDon't worry we're not going to go all Hello magazine on you. This isn't about "stunning interiors" and "fabulous hallways", it's about the curse of Chelsea football club.

First up, Sven-Goran Eriksson, who has had a few 'connections' with the west London club, to say the least.

On Sunday night the windows at the England manager's four-storey house were put through, and it happened again the following night. Plus the words "Sven Goran" were written in silver spray paint on some pillars outside the house.

Hmm cryptic.

And then there's David Beckham who has reportedly been looking at a flat in the "exclusive Eaton Square" area of the city.

The £10 million flat is, of course quite close to Stamford Bridge, fuelling rumours that Beckham is on his way back from Madrid to join Jose Mourinho.

What does all this mean? Well, we're hoping it transpires that the Beckhams really want Eriksson's house and are trying to scare him off the property Scooby Doo style. But, honestly, we think it means absolutely nothing.

Last Updated 02 November 2004