Sport At Heart

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Sport At Heart

We haven't posted much about the Olympic bid recently. Mainly because you can read about it just about everywhere, but also because we're sick to the back teeth of it.

When it gets to the point where they're using the DLR as a promotional tool then, to be honest, we just stop listening.

But even we have to admit that the latest promotional release from London's 2012 team is pretty impressive.

At four minutes long the Sport at Heart film is a relatively epic advert for London which features a whole gaggle of stars from the worlds of entertainment and sport.

It's one of those "Hey wasn't that whatshisname" type things, which never fail to get people's attention, and they haven't scrimped on the budget either. They've bagged (among others), Kelly Holmes (obviously), Beckham, Roger Moore, Joseph Fiennes, Jeremy Irons, Dermot O'Leary, Helen Mirren and Londonist favourite Amir Khan.

The film follows up and coming middle-distance runner Jo Ankier jogging around some of the city's landmarks (the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park and the Gherkin), bumping into a few celebs as she goes.

Roger Moore is shown outside the MI6 building near Vauxhall bridge (geddit?), alongside the words "Discrete and professional security". Hmmmm, we know a few people (David Kelly? Greg Dyke?) who might disagree with that sentiment.

But, perhaps more controversially, David Beckham is seen doing a crossword! Now come one, our suspension of disbelief is pretty flexible, but even we have limits.

Last Updated 19 November 2004