Paramedic Theft

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Paramedic Theft

So two London ambulancemen have been arrested after an 87-year-old heart attack patient accused them of stealing money from his pockets while he was unconscious.

So far, so pretty depressing. If we can't trust the emergency services then we're pretty much doomed (sorry to sound all Daily Mail for a second, but it's true).

But there are a few questions. Firstly, the amount the ambulancemen are accused of stealing is £700. What was an 87-year-old man doing with that amount of money in his pocket?

Call us ageist, but unless this guy was Peter Stringfellow (he's about 87 isn't he?) then we can't quite work that one out.

And secondly, if you found £700 in an unconscious man's pockets, how stupid do you have to be to nick it? He may be old but he's going to notice that he's a little light next time he goes down the shop to buy his Woodbines.

The two paramedics have been suspended from duty and bailed until January 26.

Londonist looks forward to seeing what London's only blogging paramedic will have to say on all this.

Last Updated 22 November 2004