Selfridges Christmas Site

By Rob Last edited 168 months ago
Selfridges Christmas Site

As you get older and you read more Naomi Klein books the whole commercialisation of Christmas thing seems to get more and more prominent (as opposed to when you're a kid and it's just the presents that matter...we're completely over that whole present thing now...we don't really care if we get one of these or doesn't really bother us either way...).

So we were surprised when we clicked on the link for the Selfridges Christmas website and found ourselves in a frosty, electronic wonderland of festive delights. We admit it, we were completely sucked in. Shopping is great!

As well as being nicely designed and very slick, the site contains information on the shop's Christmas events (including a visit by Santa himself and a 'strictly girls only' pampering evening in the beauty hall), gift ideas (check out the Molly Moo rocker toy in the kids section, it's great), and a competition which has you tracking down missing candy canes to win Rigby & Peller lingerie (yes, there's something weird about that but we don't care!).

Last Updated 18 November 2004