The Rockford MP3 Files

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The Rockford MP3 Files

Rockford is "a big, friendly puppy with a bit of a wind problem," who lives at Battersea Dogs Home.

But, despite his occassional bowel problems, Rockford is all set to become the Bob Geldof of the canine community, as he's releasing a Christmas single to help out the Dogs Home.

Christmas Morning (Rockford's Christmas Song) is a "an unashamedly catchy Christmas ditty outlining the adventures of Rockford and his friends at Battersea", but don't take our word for it, you can hear a clip over at Rockford's website (where you can also take a look at the accompanying video).

You can buy the single for £3.00, or download it for £1.00 (how up to date is this dog?) here. All profits go directly to the Dogs Home.

Last Updated 29 November 2004