Public Humiliation In Covent Garden

By Rob Last edited 172 months ago
Public Humiliation In Covent Garden

Have you seen the new adverts for the phone book? The one where the bloke in a bare room kits himself out entirely through the BT's thick purple volume.


We get the point of the ad': the phone book now has a 'classified directory', which means that it's going up against the Yellow Pages. Which is great and everything...but doesn't the phone book get delivered to your door? Why do they need to advertise it?

Maybe because everyone's like us and just uses it to prop doors open and to stand on to reach high shelves.

Anyway, not content with expensive TV adverts, BT have launched an incredibly daft promotion with the help of Dr Fox of Capital FM.

They are looking for "two exceptional contestants" (and by exceptional we presume they mean 'special') to "enter a specially created Perspex box in Covent Garden armed with The Phone Book from BT, a phone, and very small budget to complete a series of daily tasks and challenges set by other listeners and the public."

Oh, dear God. The humanity of it all. Don't they remember what happened to David Blaine? And he was suspended in the air, well out of the reach of malicious members of the public.

According to the website, the 'exceptional' people will be in the box for 5 days, in which time they will have to impress the public" before votes decide "who wins and walks away with everything sourced during the week plus £10,000."

Ten grand eh? Is it worth five days in Covent Garden? We don't think so.

Last Updated 23 November 2004