No Salad Please

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No Salad Please

We're on a bit of a meat mission today at Londonist. Although our 'Londonist Loves' post today was about the quality carnivorous collations of Bodeans, it's a bit later now, and so maybe we've had a few pints and we're hankering for something quick, cheap and dirty.

In other words, point us in the direction of the nearest kebab house.


Now it might be a slight misrepresentation to say that we're 'spoilt for choice' in the capital when it comes to meat on a stick, but there are hundreds of kebab outlets dotted around, and they range in quality and content from the sublime to the frankly hazardous.

So where is the average chilli sauce loving, post-pub punter to go for advice? Well if he's got half a brain (and access to Google) he goes to The Chilli Source.

The Chilli Source ("the place for all things kebab") is one man's personal mission to review London's kebab shops, from Doner to Swhwerma, via Kofte and (of course) Shish.

The site is truly interactive, with readers submitting their own reviews and the detail is extraordinary. Scores are awarded for quality of meat, service, chilli sauce, garlic sauce, salad and value.

But its the individual reviews which are the real draw. For example, the chicken doner from Sargan Kebabs on Upper Street has "a peculiar after-taste", while the lamb is "of bog standard quality but well looked after and usually from a nice big roll."

While the lamb from the kebabery on Boston Road has 'an interesting spicyness to it" and, we are told, the "large doner is a feast for a king."

As well as the reviews there are also helpful guides to the various types of kebabs (the chicken doner: "something of a gateway kebab for the uninitiated") and also the different toppings one can enjoy.

So next time you visit a kebab shop, take a pen and notepad with you and make a note of your experiences. Your kebab eating community needs you!

Last Updated 15 November 2004