Magic At The Hayward

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Magic At The Hayward

If, like Londonist, you've been trying to remember to tape BBC2's History of Magic series on Saturday nights (impeccable scheduling once again BBC2!), then you might want to cancel anything you had planned for tomorrow night and get down to the Hayward Gallery.

As part of their Eyes, Lies and Illusions exhibition The Hayward is hosting For Example, a show by magician Christopher Howell and artist Olivia Plender

"Part magic show, part séance" the show aims to look at the "historic connections between magic and mysticism" and demonstrates all the concepts with magic demonstrations.

It's only five quid to get in, but if you fancy some hocus pocus you'll have to get out of work pretty sharpish, as the show begins at 6:30. At least that gives you plenty of time in the pub afterwards to try and figure out how they did it all.

You can book tickets on 0870 169 1000.

Last Updated 29 November 2004