Loose Women

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Loose Women

Looking at the timetable of London-based events for next week, there's one that seems to just jump out at us:

The benefits of female promiscuity at the Imperial College on 17 November.

With a title like that how can Londonist resist?

For just £8 you can listen to Dr Olivia Judson (author of Dr.Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation) debunk the myths that all men are natural philanderers and all females are naturally chaste, more interested in having babies than having sex.

According to Dr Olivia "promiscuous females tend to have more and healthier children than their more virtuous counterparts." and the fact that females are promiscuous has "unpleasant and profound consequences".

And, if nothing else, it has to be more intersting than the Erotica exhibition at Olympia.

Last Updated 12 November 2004