Londonist Loves...

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Londonist Loves...

We like toys and we're not ashamed to say it.

Ok, so maybe we're a little ashamed to say it. Especially to girls we're trying to impress, or our parents, but otherwise we're ok. Which is why this edition of Londonist Loves... is dedicated to the shop Playlounge on Beak street.

Before Playlounge we had to sit and drool over Japanese or US websites with all their lovely vinyl figures and incredibly high shipping rates. Where were our Kubricks our Uglydolls, our Astro Boys?

We wanted what all the other kids had and we were going to paddy until we got them.

Fortunately we didn't have to hold our breath for too long because at the end of 2002 Playlounge opened in the West End, just off the end of Carnaby Street, and just in time for Christmas too.

We couldn't get down there fast enough.


What's great about Playlounge is that everything about the shop is as well designed as the stuff it sells. It's branding is top notch, right down to the plastic bags and the shop looks beautiful, inside and out.

Plus the staff are friendly and know what they're talking about. You'd think it would be hard to be snobbish about little plastic toys but, believe us there are people like that out there. Thankfully they don't work at Playlounge.

And the merchandise? Well it's positively lethal. Figures, games, books, puppets, they're all here and all displayed on custom made hexagonal shelving that you want to take home as well.


And they're always pretty up-to-date. To say most of their stock comes from far flung places and is sometimes ridiculously rare you can always rely on Playlounge to either get it or die trying.

Because, in the end, the staff at Playlounge love these daft little things as much as you do. If only all shop staff in central London had that same passion eh?

If you still need more convincing then we'd advise you to take a look at the shop's website. Although bear in mind the online version has never been as good as the real thing. The website just isn't updated enough and there's not nearly as much stuff on there as there is in the shop.

Londonist's personal favourites? This little guy, these are definitely are on our Christmas list, and anything touched by the hands of James Jarvis.

Last Updated 23 November 2004