The Eminem No-Show

By Rob Last edited 172 months ago
The Eminem No-Show

Londonist has never trusted ticket agencies.

It always seemed a little dodgy that they're allowed to sell you tickets for gigs so far in advance, and then they add on a "booking fee" plus "postage and packaging"'s a slip of cardboard. How much packaging does it need?


Well today our suspicions have been confirmed, because according to the NME some agencies have been selling tickets for a proposed Eminem gig in Hyde Park that isn't actually going to happen.

A statement from the Royal Parks reads "The Royal Parks has learnt a number of websites are selling tickets for an Eminem concert in Hyde Park next summer. The Royal Parks would like to confirm that we have not at any time been approached regarding this supposed concert, and therefore there is no Eminem concert scheduled for Hyde Park next year."

Which is a bit of a shame really. Londonist would have enjoyed seeing what would happen when you put a man with a chainsaw in the vicinity of the Diana Memorial Fountain.

Last Updated 09 November 2004