London Not Bothered About Lagerfeld

By Rob Last edited 170 months ago
London Not Bothered About Lagerfeld

They've been advertising it for weeks. Whether it's billboards or teaser television adverts, if you live in London then it's difficult not to notice that Karl Lagerfeld has made some clothes for Hennes.

It's the same in Paris where Lagerfeld is best known for his longstanding relationship with Chanel. And so yesterday morning at 6am the Parisians descended on H&M to snap up every last Lagerfeld-designed piece of highstreet couture. The shop sold out in a few hours, right down to the last "skinny knit".

And in London? Four people turned up at 9:30, and most of them were tourists or fashion students.

What's wrong with us? Are we just not fashionable any more? Has Destiny's Child's love for Top Shop won us over? Are we genuinely scared of Karl 'Frankenstein with a suit on' Lagerfeld? Or was it just too cold yesterday to stand on Regent Street at half six in the morning?

Londonist awaits the opening of the Apple Store down the road at the weekend, and predicts that the turnout might be a bit more than four. Have we turned from a nation of fashionistas into a nation of geeks?

Last Updated 16 November 2004