London Cabbie..The Game!

By Rob Last edited 179 months ago
London Cabbie..The Game!

Grand Theft Auto step aside because a leading video games developer has announced that they have secured the licence to create a driving game based on the London Black Cab.

Now, before you all rush out to your local games shop demanding that they reserve at least six copies of this groundbreaking title for you and all your friends, why not stick around for some of the exciting details.

The game (called "London Taxi") will "be set in London England," (it' gets better by the second doesn't it?) and will come "complete with landmarks such as: Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Hyde Park."

"As developers we have come up with a great playable game, and then chosen the classic Black cab as the ideal vehicle and London as the best environment to race in," says the MD of Data Design Interactive, the company behind "London Taxi".

So it's a cross between Crazy Taxi and Getaway then...but with diesel.

Rockstar Games must be quaking in their boots.

Londonist will be contacting DDI next week to confirm whether or not certain, necessary details (pissing in a cup, endangering the lives of cyclists, setting the world to rights) are to be included in the game.

Last Updated 26 November 2004