Liz's Design Classics

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Liz's Design Classics

Do you think Her Majesty has ever taken public transport in her life? We're betting not, but that doesn't stop her admiring such "British design classics" as the Routemaster bus and the traditional black cab.


These are some of the design icons which are being celebrated in a special 'theme day' at Buckingham Palace, alongside the traditional red telephone box and Concorde’s nose cone.

Examples of all these classics will be on display in the Palace's 'quadrangle' today, but if you're invite to the Palace has been lost in the post, don't fret, below we present Londonist's quick online guide to some legendary design icons.

The Routemaster Association page.

Save the Routemaster.

Buy a red phone box or just hire one.

Red phone box appreciation.

A UK guide to telephone boxes.

Phone boxes at English heritage.

Official black cab site.

Take a black taxi tour.

The online magazine of the licensed London taxi.

How Concorde works (or did work).

The "definitive" Concorde site.

British Airways Concorde page.

Save Concorde.

Last Updated 22 November 2004