Money Money Monet...

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Money Money Monet...

If you want a nice picture of the Houses of Parliament, you can always go to one of those street vendors down by Parliament Square and buy a mug or a plate with slightly blurry photograph printed on the side (dishwasher safe).

Or, if you fancy yourself as the classy type, you can nip over to New York for the start of the "fall auction season" and buy one of Monet's impressionistic renderings for just over twenty million quid.


Londres, le Parlement, effet de soleil dans le brouillard (which, according to babelfish, translates as "London, Parliament, effect of sun in the fog") comes from a series of 19 Monet works depicting the Houses of Parliament, and is just one of four not currently in a museum.

Christie's had estimated that the painting would fetch around $12 to $18 million but, after some frantic bidding, the final price came to $20,167,500.

Last Updated 04 November 2004