Good For Nothing

By Rob Last edited 189 months ago
Good For Nothing

Seems like lately it's getting harder and harder for Londoner's to pay for their print media.

Even if we wanted to hand over reddies for, say, a daily newspaper, we wouldn't be able to.


And now there's talk of a free "London-focused style magazine" in the style of Vice.

The magazine (titled Good for Nothing) has been put together by "a team of people who previously worked on Sleaze , The Face , Jockey Slut and X-Ray" who all lost their jobs when Swinstead Publishing shut down and Emap closed the Face earlier this year.

The magazine will be "distributed free in clothes shops, boutiques, pubs and cinemas" and the first issue has a picture of a giant pigeon on the front cover. Like, wicked man!

Good For Nothing will have a lot of work to do if it wants to even touch Vice, which, like it or not, has managed to attract big name advertsisers without watering down its editorial content.

Last Updated 30 November 2004