Chris Evans' Market Stall

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Chris Evans' Market Stall

Chris Evans, jaded, ginger TV presenter and fulltime babysitter, is to flog a load of his old posessions from a shop in Camden Market.


"He basically approached us and said he's sold three of his houses and was tired of putting his furniture in storage, he likes the vibe of the market and remembers when he traded here in a street stall 15 years ago and wants to come back," the manager of Stables Market told the Guardian.

The shop will be under the arches in the furniture and antiques section, and he might even be auctioning off an old Jag.

Other items which we believe will be available on the Evans' family stall include:

Evans' soul (slightly tarnished).

Billy Piper's acting career (badly dented).

A few thongs left over from his Tarzanogram days.

Danny Baker's brain in a jar.

A range of shirts in whacky designs.

A list of zany quiz show ideas which were never picked up (Sweep Up Your Granny, Do Mock The Afflicted, and Simply the Breast).

Last Updated 24 November 2004