British Museum 'Raided'

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British Museum 'Raided'

clouseau.gifWell the Evening Standard are calling it a raid. What actually happened is a man "posing as a visitor" broke into a locked cabinet, picked up some Chinese jewellery and then...walked out.

Not exactly the Thomas Crown Affair is it?

The Times' report (which is a little more sober) details exactly what was stolen:

"15 decorative pieces, including S-shaped gold earrings, a pair of armlets in coiled wire and fingernail guards."

Realising that ornate fingernail guards are not something you can easily flog down the pub, police are working on the assumption that the objects "were stolen to order for a private collector".

For some slightly more daring robberies, see the BBC's list of great heists.

Last Updated 01 November 2004