Bigger Boat Film Quiz

By Rob Last edited 170 months ago
Bigger Boat Film Quiz

Tonight, Londonist is taking the trip up to Highgate in north London to attend one of the best pub quizzes in the city.

The Bigger Boat Film Quiz takes place at a pub on Archway road every month, and it's quickly becoming a bit of a cult event for film nerds across the capital.

jaws.gifTo tempt you up to Zone 3 the organisers have aranged specially themed nights (tonight is a special Bonfire night event), fantastic prizes (past months have seen PS2s and "DVD porn film remakes of Hollywood classics" given out) and special celebrity quizmasters on the big screen.

And the venue isn't too shabby either. The Boogaloo pub sits right next to Highgate tube station and as well as a bunch of comfy sofas and a roaring fire there's also the Square Pies on the menu to comfort you on these damp, dark autumn evenings.

Last Updated 03 November 2004