Sam Taylor-Wood's New Work

By Rob Last edited 227 months ago
Sam Taylor-Wood's New Work


Back on the Young British Artists 'tip', tonight sees the opening of Sam Taylor-Wood's first solo show in London since 2002.

Called simply New Work the exhibition incorporates two self-explanatory photographic projects: Crying Men and Self Portrait Suspended.

For the Crying Men series Taylor-Wood visited a host of male actors (well-known actors obviously) and ordered them to cry in front of the camera for her. So you have Dustin Hoffman blubbing his eyes out, Forest Whitaker looking a right old mess, and Tim Roth looking exceptionally pained (nothing new there then).

Is it art, or just more celebrity voyeurism on the back of the Beckham sleeping video? We're not sure.

For Self Portrait Suspended, the artist has decided to suspend herself in her studio, "with the help of a bondage expert". She then digitally removed the ropes to create a David Copperfield-esque floating effect.

New Work runs until 4 December. You can contact the White Cube box office via 020 7930 5373.

Last Updated 29 October 2004