Pamela At The Palace

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Pamela At The Palace

It seems we haven't been able to turn on the telly this week without catching a glimpse of Pamela Anderson.

She's been touring the chat show circuit pushing her 'novel' Star (by the way, according to Amazon, customers who bought books by Pamela Anderson also bought books by these authors: Pat Riordan, Jenna Jameson, Stan Collymore, Paris Hilton, and Katie Price).

Now Pammy has dared to go where only Batman has gone before: Buckingham Palace.

petapammy.jpgIn her role at spokesperson for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Anderson collected 200 signatures from from British fans (that's right, we didn't leave a zero off: just 200 names) urging the Queen to stop using bear pelts for her guards' hats.

According to this site the British Guards adopted the bearskin hats (or busbies) in 1815 at the Battle of Waterloo, when they seized them from heads of the defeated French (another nation with a slightly dodgy animal rights record).

As each hat "needs the death of one or two black bears" the star of Scary Movie 3and Pam & Tommy Lee: Stolen Honeymoon has asked Her Majesty to start using synthetic materials instead.

A Palace spokeswoman refused to comment on the petition.

Last Updated 26 October 2004