London: City of Amore

By Rob Last edited 228 months ago
London: City of Amore


Take that Paris. In your face Venice. Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough Rome. Because London is the new city of luuurve.

According to a survey by Yahoo Personals, we go on more dates than anyone else in the UK; and 33 per cent of single people in London have tried internet dating sites.

Hang on a minute? Doesn't that just make us the most desperate and lonely city in the UK?

A statistic like "20 per cent [of Londoners] have had 20 dates in the past 10 months" is not a good thing. That just makes us the 'crap night out' capital of the world.

And the author of the report, one Jenni Trent-Hughes, doesn't make things any better: "There is nothing like smiling at someone walking down the street then starting a conversation with them," says Jenni.

Great. Now we're the stalking capital of the world as well.

Last Updated 28 October 2004