This Is What The Tube Map Could Look Like In 2040

This Is What The Tube Map Could Look Like In 2040
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With TfL's network aggressively expanding, the tube map is going to change with it. So Redditor u/Not_Quite_Vertical has helpfully made a tube map showing what the future may look like.

It's an unofficial tube map from 2040 and is an absolute beauty.

Ways in which this tube map is different from our current one are as follows:

It's also interesting to note what hasn't been included on the map. Most notable is the Croxley Rail Link, but it's rather unlikely that's happening anymore, so that's a good call. Also missing is the DLR Extension down to Thamesmead, which we have slightly more faith in becoming a reality.

Also missing are the many suburban rail routes that TfL would love to get its hands on, though as long as Chris Grayling is transport secretary, that's unlikely to happen.

If there's anything else on the map that we've missed please let us know down in the comments.

Last Updated 16 March 2018

Andrew Gwilt

What about London Overground to take over the suburban routes in Southwest London, South London and Southeast London and the reopening of Primrose Hill station (Stratford-Watford Junction service). Plus the DLR extension to Dagenham Dock and Abbey Wood. London Overground could also operate the West Ealing-Greenford line.


Misses Twickenham off the crossrail route - one of the intentions of the HSR is supposedly to connect Twickenham to Heathrow.

Antony Tuttle

We seem to have done away with Heathrow Terminal 1? Maybe they figured it needs flattening...

George Arrigoni

Ummmm... Holland Park?


Still no plan to get to City Airport by Crossrail, unless you change at Stratford, then? A crosstown rail line that refuses to link London's two nearest airports ... What's going on here?

Geoff Marshall

Yeah, the DangleWay is on there. And that'll have been sold of in the next couple of years, yet along by 2040. So that won't be on there!

Fred Smith

Still not much south of the river. Should be called the North London Underground.


Still no Thameslink on the tube map! Once the service is up and running properly, it seems only a matter of time before it's devolved to TfL and becomes recognised as a regional metro (i.e. no different to Crossrail 1). This makes more sense than devolving the South London suburban lines, or indeed some of the Overground lines.

Northern will likely have been extended to Clapham Junction by then (key interchange with Crossrail 2), and it is good to split...although perhaps a new line altogether would make sense for the other half? My vote goes for "Battersea Line". Speaking of I'm willing to wager Crossrail 2 will someday be the "Diana Line".

Euston-St Pancras-King's Cross is a mess! Although I don't think we can do anything about this.

David Flack

What about the long proposed Piccadilly line extension towards Slough. Although, I suspect the 73 stock will still be running in 2040!


Missed the Metropolitan Line extension to Watford Junction...


Would be great to see the revival of the Uxbridge-West Drayton route. It would hugely improve connections in NW London.