How Deep Does London Go?

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How Deep Does London Go?

The tube network is just one of many subterranean spaces in London. With sewers, water pipes, bunkers, basements, and assorted other tunnels, it's a maze down there. We've attempted to summarise some of these systems in one diagram, including the yet-to-be-built Thames Tideway sewer tunnel.

The graphic shows typical depths below surface level (or high-tide level for the Thames foot tunnels). Where depth is variable, we've shown the average as a horizontal stretch of tunnel, plunging down to the deepest point. For example, the tube varies greatly in depth, but is typically 24m. The deepest point is below Hampstead Heath at Bull and Bush (where a station was part-built, but never completed), which reaches 67m.

The deepest space in London is the recently completed Lee Tunnel, a relief sewer that slopes down to 80m beneath Beckton.

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Naturally, our graphic is only scratching the surface, so to speak. We've left off several road tunnels, tram tunnels, service tunnels and plenty of bunkers, for the sake of clarity.

With thanks to the Crossrail press team and engineers for a few hard-to-find details.

Last Updated 10 April 2018

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Great graphic!

Any idea how these depths from the surface correspond to depth relative to sea level? Hampstead is pretty high, for example, I'd be surprised if the station platforms there weren't actually higher than the Greenwich foot tunnel...

Ollie Lawson

Am I only the person worried that some point London is going to collapse in on itself with all these tunnels!?!? as you said, you've not included the road tunnels, trams tunnels, bunkers and other 'secret' tunnels!?! Does someone have a map of them all??! we're all doomed...
Great article though!


You missed the world's second underground (not UndergrounD) line: It is just a few feet underground in most sections.

James Guppy

What's is the rock type that the Shard piles are wedged in? Is it chalk? Make a good T-shirt or mouse-mat this graphic!

Love London

The underground wot a feet off engineering. Don't get me started on crossrail fantastic look forward to meany journeys on it



The diaphram wall for the pumping Shaft at Beckton goes 98m deep from Ground level.(much longer than the Shard piles)


interesting article


Did anyone else sing the headline of this article to tune of 'How Deep is Your Love?' in their heads?


Neil Gardner

Is there any way to get hold of a copy of the cutaway graphic for this article? I've a friend in the US who's been looking for a picture precisely like it! (Nothing commercial; she just find it fascinating!). Thanks, Neil