All 270 London Tube Stations: Renamed

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 21 months ago
All 270 London Tube Stations: Renamed
Click on the map above for a large version of the ‘new’ network.

We asked for your ideas to rename London's 270 tube stations, while still keeping them true to the features of each local area.

And we've been busy collating and cartographing the results, if that's a thing: making a new map, in other words.

Creating A Parallel London

We're rather proud of our brand new parallel London where Marble Arch is renamed Speaker's Corner and Earl's Court becomes the much more evocative Kangaroo Court.

Meanwhile, Tottenham Court Road goes wandering a bit further north, and Leicester Square evolves into Chinatown.

Thanks for your hundreds of suggestions — we had way more than we could include, so we've been selective about which ones ended up on the map this time.

Now we just have to start using these new monikers in public. And to slowly replace each map at every single tube station... then our work giving London's tube stations better proper names will be done.

Last Updated 12 September 2016

Crawford Fulton King

No you haven't. You missed Royal Oak on the H&C line (one stop west of Paddington).


West End Lane doesn't connect with the Met line, that's Finchley Road (which I think has disappeared?

Rich Thomas

Aw, no DLR! :(

Graham Ward

Two Portobello Markets, one of them nowhere near the market end of Portobello Road? Better rename Notting Hill Gate "Pembridge". And you'll find that no-one in Preston Road regards themselves as living in Kenton. It's definitely North Wembley. But how about "Andre's", in recognition of the scene in Fawlty Towers "Gourmet Night" episode, filmed across the road from the station?


is this a joKE???


You can't have two Westfield stations - especially when there are two Westfield shopping centres on the opposite sides of London!

Also, the Olympic Park no longer exists, mostly because London lost the rights to use the word 'Olympic' in 2013. I think it's the Queen Elizabeth Park you're thinking of ;)


Agree with Mike. Something is up around Finchley Road, which I guess is meant to be a new name for Swiss Cottage? The interchange between the Met and Jubilee is not at West Hampstead/West End Lane but at the old Finchley Road, which is missing.

Paul Dart

I'm thinking that renaming Snaresbrook to Wanstead High Street is not very exciting. Eagle Pond would be more unusual or Crown Court. I'm also thinking that the Ruislip stations seem to have changed lines but again are not very exciting. There must be some better names out there.


yay, my suggestion about Tower Hill = Tower Bridge is there :D


My station is Mile End station and I've lived in Bow for nearly a decade now... I can see Millennium Park on a Google Map but have never, not even once in that decade, heard anyone local or otherwise refer to this park as that. Nor would anyone know where it is if you ask them. So a pretty sad name replacement for Mile End station I'd say. Most people that ever get off at Mile End (and that don't live there) come for one of two reasons and one of those two reasons only: an event in Victoria Park or to go to the Queen Mary University. So there's two names that fit far better already I'd say.

But on the whole a good effort. :-)

Graham Findlay

Fine for Londoners who know local sites and amenities, but for the visitor to London, colloquial nicknames ("Kangaroo Court") might have little or no meaning.


Interchange between the lines at your Cromwell Road and Acton Green. You have also kept Turnham Green but moved it one station along.


whats the point of this?

Alex F.

If Temple is Cleopatra's Needle, then Somerset House is Blackfriars and that's nowhere near it. Looks like you have two names appropriate for Temple and none for Blackfriars.

EDIT: Fleet is for Blackfriars. You have one extra station there :) In real life there are only 4 stations between Embankment and Monument.


Where's the Dome? And the River?

Dave H

Brilliant! Although I can't help thinking that you've got Smithfield and Clerkenwell the wrong way around.

Alternative it is

Victoria and Northern lines seems to have gotten a little lost around King's Cross, H&C lost a stop between Hammersmith and Edgware Road and Bakerloo has grown a stop between Baker Street and Paddington...

Michelle Cain

Old Street (City Road) would be better as "Silicon Roundabout".

Lucy Layfield

South Ken and West Ken now both Cromwell Road?! More confusing than it is now :-S


Gillespie Road does have the advantage of being the real name of the station, and therefore already written on the platform walls in nice shiny Victorian tiles


Alexander Avenue doesn't exist. Alexandra Avenue might be a better bet. Unless it was an intentional play on names for the people of Rayners Lane.


Erm... I think if you got off at Tufnell Park looking for Waterlow Park you'd be in for a bit of a climb. It's much closer to Archway.


Oh and I think the Northern and Victoria lines should stop at King's Cross (Battle Bridge?)


Where's Baron's Court on the Piccadilly Line?

Chiara S

It's horrible. Th most of names are not even close to be likable.You're just wasting time, it will never happen. :-)


Just put a bloody apostrophe in "Cleopatra's Needle", will ya???


Oh, and ever since when is there an interchange between Bakerloo and the other lines at Edgware Road / "Paddington Basin"?


Out of interest, did you have to get TFL's permission to use the tube map for this?

Loserville Station

What was the F***ing point of that?
Neither informative, clever, or funny!
The dumbest waste of time.
Get a f***ing life!

Geoff Marshall

Thanks to everyone for helping us squash some of the wayward typos that snuck in, we updated a couple of stations suggestions too!! It's look rather good now - thanks all!


You've spelled Valentines Park wrong.


why did they have to change the names, are they purposely trying to confuse people who are still getting used to London???

Jim Blake

Good to see poor old Joe Meek remembered at Holloway Road, just a few doors away from his former recording studio at No.304, just the other side of the railway bridge from the station.


Oi! What happened to Fulham Broadway becoming "Chelski, wretched hive of scum and villainy"???

Graham Ward

Northwick Park again isn't Kenton. It should be Harrow School Playing Fields.

Kate Milner

I like it, but am gonna make the usual locals' nitpick. ... Walthamstow dog track is miles from the station. .. It's pretty much in Chingford. "Walthamstow Village" would be a pre - approved name among the wealthier E17 erstwhile. ... Or "Mini Holland" if you want to be controversial ;)

Gordon Joly

Very silly. A Tube stop called "Tower Hamlets"?

Gordon Joly

A stop called "Lea Valley"???


Sorry but 'Camden Central' wouldn't have the same ring to it as 'Mornington Crescent'. Can't see them changing the name of the game on ISIHAC.


Sorry that Sloane Sq has lost is historical homage to Sir Hans Sloane who generously gave away large parts of his estate to the community.


Well done everyone. I have to admit, I gave a mini-high 5 to myself to see a couple of my suggestions on the map! (albeit I suspect there will have been quite a lot of doubling up from readers...!)

Nicholas Wilcox

Kensal Green = Cemetery
Harlesden = McVities

Chris Amies

There really need to be two Hammersmith stations, as there is no actual interchange: I suggest Hammersmith Broadway for the District / Piccadilly and Beadon Hill or Hammersmith Grove for the H&C.

Riley Card

Hi Geoff love your YouTube channel