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07 August 2014 | Best Of London, History | By: Laura Reynolds

London's Unusual Clocks Explained

London's Unusual Clocks Explained

Yes, yes, we know. We missed Big Ben. Technically, that's the name of the bell, not the clock. More on that particular brand of pedantry here.

Photo sources: Canary Wharf by Andy Worthington, Fortnum & Mason by Guy Tyler, Shepherd Gate by Stuart Sunley, Swiss Court by NickyJameson, St Pancras by Chris Beckett, Bracken House by Check-in London, Covent Garden Water Clock by Matt, Blackburn Pavilion, Big Benzene and the Upton Park clock by Londonist.

Can't get enough of London's clocks? Our photo gallery has some more pictures of London's finest timepieces. What's your favourite London clock?

Video: See the Fortnum & Mason clock in action.

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The clock on the platform at bethnal green tube is fantastic, I'd love to own it.


Lovely clock on Stoke Newington High Street

Peter Kemp

The famous clock within the 'new' Arsenal Emirates stadium. Moved from the 'old' Highbury ground. Check my facts, but it dates from the 1920's and was the thinking of the then progressive Arsenal Manager, Herbert Chapman. The aim that every time a match stopped for injury, the clock would stop and then an accurate 90 minutes could be measured :)


that's a pretty old pic of Covent Garden’s Water Clock. here's one i took of it just ten days ago


that's a pretty old pic of Covent Garden’s Water Clock. here's one i took of it less than two weeks ago


"... it is thought to have been the first clock to display Greenwich Mean Time to the public (although to this day, it doesn't display daylight saving time)" - well, yes, it wouldn't show daylight saving time. GMT is absolute; everything else is relative. That's kind of the point, isn't it?