Video: The Fortnum & Mason Clock

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 42 months ago
Video: The Fortnum & Mason Clock

While rushing from the tube to that pressing appointment in The Ritz's tea room, you may well have missed the Trumpton-style clock that sits above the main doors of Fortnum & Mason's department store in Piccadilly. Mark Mason shows us what happens on the hour and explains why.

Mark is the author of Walk The Lines and website The Importance of Being Trivial.

For more horological trivia take a look at our list of London's most unusual clocks.

Last Updated 11 November 2014

Sam Jones

Hi Geoff thanks for sharing the video - its always been a favourite place to take tourist friends - and big tip there is so much more of the upper floors once you are past the crowds buying teabags and chocates. The only thing in the video I didn't take away was why? Why did they do this its going to bother me now!!!


Huh, I have walked past Fortnum & Mason's several times and never even seen that clock. Amazing. I must look out for it next time. I did see the candle-holding footmen on the staircase in the back entrance though.

Tube Geek

I love how you say 'on the hour', but yet it isn't. Walked along
here and not seen it, though