London From The Air: Incredible New Drone Film

Five years from now, we’ll all take drones for granted, or else they’ll be outlawed. For the time being, the footage remains novel, showing us the capital from angles we’ve never seen it before. Sit back and enjoy this particularly jaw-dropping example, captured by Evan Skuthorpe of PhotoStorys.

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  • Rich Thomas

    Utterly gorgeous.

    What altitude was that last revolving shot likely filmed from? It looked lofty as hell.

  • Paul Robinson

    Can find thousands of stills & videos from the air on . The new Instragram for radio controlled helicopter & drone nuts. Some absolutely spectacular shots, worldwide.

  • Kevin Chapple

    Video states ‘This video is private’, and doesn’t play :-(

  • Power

    Video shows as private when try to play it?

  • Steve

    Apparently “this video is private”,,,,,,,,so I can’t join in…….

  • Terry Cee

    Can’t see a thing … says it is private.