New Video Beautifully Blends Old And New London

You know how the word ‘awesome’ is over-used these days? Not here.

Simon Smith, who last year produced a staggering side-by-side comparison of London in 1927 and 2013, is back. His latest video uses a similar conceit, but his technique has moved on to superimpose archive footage from 1924 almost seamlessly over modern captures. The results are truly awesome. Enjoy.

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  • Tezzer M

    This is so truly wonderful!!! its like having a working Tardis…

  • Dave K

    Excellent work, very interesting.

  • Richard

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  • Des Risdon

    Brilliant. Both the conception and the product.

  • BernardWeiss


  • Neil

    Who is the music composed by please?

    • MattFromLondonist


      • Nina Kent

        I am born and bred in London and I still absolutely love it, everything about it, seeing your excellent video has made my day, so clever, thank you Simon