Secrets Of The Jubilee Line

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 20 months ago
Secrets Of The Jubilee Line

Secrets of the Underground is one of Londonist's most-watched series, racking up millions of views.

In it, Geoff Marshall, former Guinness World Record holder for visiting all stations on the Underground in one day, explores the city's iconic transport network uncovers trivia you can impress your friends with.

If you've never seen the series, enjoy this classic about the Jubilee line. Find out where you can you see an elephant on the underground, the station with a secret government entrance, and the network's most pointless waiting room. With camerawork from Dan Haythorn of dananddan films.

Feel free to share your own favourite bits of Jubilee Line trivia in the comments below.

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Last Updated 12 October 2016

Iain MacNaughton

There's a nice geeky joke at the start as Geoff switches from a brown t-shirt to a grey one :)

Geoff Marshall

One thing i missed out (because there was already too much to mention). When at Canary Wharf changing to the DLR - always walk to Heron Quay station instead, it's nearer and thus a little bit quicker, and less congested too.


The tessellated glass dome as you go up the escalator at southwark is mighty impressive too, surprised that didn't make it in. One of the most lovely things on the whole network.

Bruce Murray

Great stuff. I know you have time constraints but could have included: illustrated relief tiles on platforms at Swiss Cottage (and other?) stations, Sherlock Holmes murals at Baker Street and the architecture at nearly all the JL Extension new stations.


Until recently Metropolitan Line trains did sometimes stop at Willesden Green, on weekends when the when the Jubilee Line was closed. It was very helpful, but doesn't seem to have happened for a while. I'm guessing there might be compatibility issues with the S Stock trains, or perhaps the platforms have become unsafe from lack of maintenance.


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Lamine Aimouche

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Eszter Rozsa

How about the owl in Canning Town platform?

London Historians

So pleased the St John's Wood escalators got a mention - long time favourites of mine too. Excellent job, Geoff.

Dave K

Another informative and fun video - thanks Geoff and Dan!

Dave H

Nice vid.

Some minor pedantry: the proper name of the tall pointy building at Canary Wharf that you pointed to is actually One Canada Square, not "One Canary Wharf".


You skipped the whole of Southwark, and then spent almost a minute on Canary Wharf alone!


As the line crosses Kilburn High Road it is possible to see the tower of Big Ben, especially at night when it is lit up


I don't think you mentioned that before 1979, the stretch from Stanmore to Charing Cross was actually part of the Bakerloo line - or if you did, apologies, I missed it!

Nick Cresswell

Even though Wikipedia claims it was opened in 1979 and extended in 1999, I'm sure it was 77 and 98.

Pavel Petrov

So why is this elephant at Waterloo?