Alternative Uses For The Walkie Talkie No.1

The developers of 20 Fenchurch Street — popularly known as the Walkie Talkie and, lately, as the Walkie Scorchie — are to erect a protective screen while they contrive a more permanent solution to its dazzling reflections.

We say: don’t change a thing. Sure, a few posh cars might be damaged, and a couple of local shopkeepers may need compensating. But leave the hotspot in place. It should only appear for a few sunny days each year, and over time would become a popular quirk of the city, which would draw tourists and locals alike while making the building world famous.

In this spirit, we’re starting a new, irregular series looking at alternative uses for the building. Some have already suggested tanning booths, solar energy collection or egg frying. But the possibilities are endless:


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  • Tommy B

    I vote for a Goldfinger style spy interrogation laser

    • MattFromLondonist

      Haha, that was actually next on our list.

  • Roberto Cantu

    All I can think of is the rise in skin Cancer for City workers as more and more reflecting surface sky-scrappers are built around the zone.
    SPF 30 and trees in surrounding open spaces is definitely the way forward in addition to trying to harness solar power with the use of solar photovoltaics as cladding rather than plain glass.

  • Oliver Gili

    It’s actually a weapon for when Boris metamorphs into his final form, and rises from Boris Island as Boriszilla. I believe it’s to buy time so that RobotKen can be activated.

  • Will

    Skewer a full hog and get ready for the world’s largest solar-powered-hog-roast?

  • JamesW

    Under construction? Witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational Death Star!

  • David W

    already used to reheat my coffee

  • Peter Twist

    Roasting trays of coffee beans; the aroma would be delicious and a suitably protected pop-up coffee stall could be positioned on one of the redundant parking bays.

  • Emrys

    If I owned the coffee shop opposite I’d be getting myself a solar panel sharpish!